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Good things come to those who…share! | Thrifty trades

1 May

Remember that awesome partial roll of book binding leather I wrote about here that was taunting my making dreams?

Well, I need to be creative with how I use what I have left because I shared the good fortune (& the largest piece!) with my dad.  He’s a talented carpenter, wood turner & cabinet maker. “Projects” find their way into my dad’s garage, basement & workshop. Close friends of his have an antique business and they often drop off items that need to be fixed/restored. A recent addition, an adorable antique writing desk, needed a few small repairs and a new piece of desk blotter leather. As if it were meant to be, the largest piece of leather that I had nearly perfectly fit the designated spot.

You’d think I’d be a little sad, especially after coming across so many great scrap leather project ideas recently, but I love sharing a lucky find (thanks KH!) & I love trading. My dad’s friend is going to trade me something on my “thrift list” for the leather. Here are two things I have in mind.

I have fond memories of making brownies & cakes with my gran in these & have been on the hunt for a complete set for years // source //:

I’m always on the look out for more Cathrineholm pieces to add to our collection // source //:

What’s at the top of your thrift list?

Oh and stay tuned…I need to take stock of the remaining scraps and decide which projects I’m going to make from last week’s post.


Making Inspiration | Scrap Leather DIY

23 Apr

A (totally awesome) friend gave me a partial roll of thick leather when she was “cleaning house” in preparation for a move. It’s still nice & soft & it’s been sitting in the corner of our studio/office, for months, torturing me — visions of potential leather projects dancing in my head.

But what do I really know about working with leather? It’s a little intimidating but after sleuthing the interwebs it doesn’t seem so scary (yay!). Here’s what I came up with for potential projects. I’m most excited about the first three but they are all pretty amazing!

1. leather party decor (perfect everyday decor too!)

2. pretty little leather bow (oh the possibilities!)

3. more decor…leather bowl (for holding a head of garlic in the kitchen or top-of-dresser-items like jewelry & change?!)

4. another painted bracelet treat 
(perfect for adding interest to any everyday outfit!)

5. sweet leather flowers here & here (thanks fleurfatale & Martha!)

I don’t know about you…but I can’t wait to start making!

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