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19 Apr


About a year ago, I started initiating random acts of kindness in memory of my mom, Annie. I wrote about the start of the project for my company’s blog series on inspiration. I had every intention of documenting these acts to inspire others, but life got the best of me and I found myself falling behind on the “documentation” part. What truly matters is that lots of happy little things happened and I can only hope that my kindness sparked others to do the same — encouraging a humble trail of human kindness in memory of my mom.

I only intended to do it for a year, but I’ve decided to continue this little project in her memory indefinitely — because the world needs a little extra kindness.

Since tomorrow, April 20th, marks 15 years since she left this earth, I’d like to encourage you all to help me spread some human kindness. You don’t have to make a grandiose or expensive gesture (though you certainly can!). I believe that small acts folded into our “every day” behavior often make the biggest impact.

So tomorrow, when you’re going about your usual business, DO SOMETHING unexpectedly kind. If you’re so inclined, please share it on Instagram with @lovelikeannie or tag your post #lovelikeannie.

To kick things off tomorrow, I’ve left a gift card with a balance at the counter of Diesel Cafe in Davis Square (a local business that’s very near and dear to my heart) that I hope helps a few strangers begin their day with a free coffee/treat and a smile.
What kindness will you spark?



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