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Good things come to those who…share! | Thrifty trades

1 May

Remember that awesome partial roll of book binding leather I wrote about here that was taunting my making dreams?

Well, I need to be creative with how I use what I have left because I shared the good fortune (& the largest piece!) with my dad.  He’s a talented carpenter, wood turner & cabinet maker. “Projects” find their way into my dad’s garage, basement & workshop. Close friends of his have an antique business and they often drop off items that need to be fixed/restored. A recent addition, an adorable antique writing desk, needed a few small repairs and a new piece of desk blotter leather. As if it were meant to be, the largest piece of leather that I had nearly perfectly fit the designated spot.

You’d think I’d be a little sad, especially after coming across so many great scrap leather project ideas recently, but I love sharing a lucky find (thanks KH!) & I love trading. My dad’s friend is going to trade me something on my “thrift list” for the leather. Here are two things I have in mind.

I have fond memories of making brownies & cakes with my gran in these & have been on the hunt for a complete set for years // source //:

I’m always on the look out for more Cathrineholm pieces to add to our collection // source //:

What’s at the top of your thrift list?

Oh and stay tuned…I need to take stock of the remaining scraps and decide which projects I’m going to make from last week’s post.

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